Seal Parish Council.

Seal Parish Council


Tel; 01732 833360



[email protected]


Parish Clerk

Mrs Clare Boland


Clerk's Office:

Valley House,

Carters Hill,



Kent  TN15 0RY


Office Hours:

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 9.00am - 1pm


Ward Links:

Underriver Ward


Planning Meeting 2020


Planning meetings are held on the fourth Monday of every month excluding

Bank Holidays at 8.00pm in Seal Pavilion. Please see calendar for dates.

In the event of tight deadlines some applications may be dealt with at the monthly full council meeting.

Please send the Parish Council copies of your comments to Sevenoaks District Council


As a Statutory consultee, it is the responsibility of the planning committee to

receive planning applications from Sevenoaks District Council, the local

Planning Authority.

In reviewing such applications its purpose is to ensure that they meet with

current planning law and satisfy local and County structure plans.

The Committee may also comment on matters of local concern including


Members of the Planning Committee are:- Chairman Tim Martin, Fidelity Weston. Andrew Michaelides, Tony Bulleid,  Rick Bourne, Chris Tavare and Chris Haslam.

All applications, Parish Council decisions and other associated documents

to a planning application can be viewed on the Sevenoaks District Council website.



Please click on link button to view agendas and minutes

For full details of planning applications and full wording of Parish Council decision, click here to access Sevenoaks District Council's planning portal.  Have the planning reference number ready.

Sevenoaks District

The Governments have produced a very useful information leaflet on outbuildings and the requirements for planning permission. Please see below.




All Planning agendas will be updated as planning application are received. This will give you the maximum amount of time to be aware of any application before it is considered by the Committee. However on some occassions applications are added to an agenda with very little notice or dealt with at the full Council meeting.



If there are tight deadlines initial responses may be sent to Sevenoaks DC on applications before the meetings where further discussions will take place.









Tree Preservation

The District Council have all the information on Tree Preservation. Please use link to their website.



Planning Map

Above is a link to the Parish planning map which shows the areas individual councillors are responsible for and who will be looking at your application.

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