Seal Parish Council.

Seal Parish Council


Tel; 01732 833360



[email protected]


Parish Clerk

Mrs Clare Boland


Clerk's Office:

Valley House,

Carters Hill,



Kent  TN15 0RY


Office Hours:

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 9.00am - 1pm


Ward Links:

Underriver Ward


Parish Council Meetings

For details of where and when the Parish Council hold their meetings, agendas and minutes click on the buttons below.

Parish Meetings 09 Parish Meetings 08 Annual Meeting Finance Planning Meeting 09 Balloon on Seal Chart 1825-5 Parish Meetings 10 Planning Meeting 10 Parish Meetings 11 Planning Meeting 11 Parish Meetings 12 Planning Meeting 12 Parish Meetings 13 Planning Meeting 13 Planning Meeting 14 Planning Meeting 15 Planning Meeting 16 Parish Meeting 14 Parish Meeting 15 Parish Meeting 16 Parish Meetings 17 Parish Meetings 18 Parish Meetings 19 Planning Meeting 17 Planning Meeting 19 Parish Meeting 18

Annual Assembly Meetings

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