Seal Parish Council.

Seal Parish Council


Tel; 01732 833360



[email protected]


Parish Clerk

Mrs Clare Boland


Clerk's Office:

Valley House,

Carters Hill,



Kent  TN15 0RY


Office Hours:

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 9.00am - 1pm


Ward Links:

Underriver Ward


Council Consultation Replies

Consultation on Gambling Act 2009

Consultation on Sevenoaks District Transport Strategy 2009

Consultation on Community Infrastructure Provision Service Strategies in Kent 2009

Consultation Local Development Framework Core Strategy March 2010

Consultation Local Development Framework March 2009

This link below shows the three wards questionniare replies in percentages for each question.

2010 Parish Questionniare Results

The link below shows you all the additional comments made on the questionniares. (89 pages)

November 2015 Seal Primary School Expansion Consultation



Consultation reponse to East Facing Slips January 2016

Consultation response to the Proposed Changes to National Planning Policy

SPC response to KCC'e consultation on Public Transport .

August 2018

SPC response to KCC on Public Rights of Way Consultation September 2018

SPC response to Tonbridge & Malling BC Re: Policy LP29

November 2018