Seal Parish Council.


Seal Parish Council

Tel / Fax: 01732 763488


Parish Clerk
Mrs Lorna J Talbot

Clerk's Office:
Weald Height
Fawke Common
Kent TN15 0SP

Office Hours:
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 9.00am - 1pm

Ward Links:
Underriver Ward


Committees Members

Mrs Fidelity Weston (Chairman)
Underriver Ward
Planning, Sevenoaks Greensand Commons, Seal Recreation Ground Planting, Parish Plan, Public Transport and Cycling,Affordable Housing, Highways Underrriver

Mr Rick Bourne: (Vice Chairman)
St Lawrence Ward
Finance, Planning, Community Assets, Speed Watch, Bitchet Green Play Ground Inspections Lawrence Highways reporting, St Lawrence Village Hall, St Lawrence PROW, St Lawrence Village Design Statement

Mr Tony Bulleid:
Seal Ward
Planning, Seal Highway reporting, Affordable Housing

Mr Matthew Brown
11 High Street, Seal, Sevenoaks, Kent TN150AL
Seal Ward

Mr Sam Kirkaldy
Seal Ward
Committees: Planning, Finance, Seal Village Enhancement, St Lawrence Sport Ground, Seal Recreation Ground

Mr Michael Leahy
42 Zion Street, Seal, Sevenoaks, Kent TN15 0BD
Seal Ward

Mr Tim Martin (Planning Chairman)
Underriver Ward
Committees: Planning, Seal Primary School Expansion, Highway reporting Underriver, PROW Underriver, GDPR, Affordable Housing, KAPC, Underriver Village Design Statement

Mr Andrew Michaelides (Finance Chairman)
Seal Ward
Committees: Finance, Planning, J5 Slips and A25, PROW Seal,
KALC, Broadband, Tarmac Quarry, Affordable Housing,GDPR,
Seal Village Design Statement

Malcolm Penn
St Lawrence Ward
Committees: Parish Plan, Seal Community Crime Prevention, St Lawrence Village Hall, Youth Representative, St Lawrence PROW

Pauline Rosser
Seal Ward
Committees: Planning, Seal Village Hall MC,
Parish Plan, GDPR

James Spencer
Seal Ward
Committees: Finance, Seal Recreation Ground including parking management plan, Review of Trusteeships, properties and land,
St Lawrence Sports Ground, Parish Plan, Seal School liaison, Community Assets

We have two vacancies for Councillors

Representatives - not Parish Councillors

Tony Fish- Tree Wardens
Adam Leslie - Godden Green Pond

buildings near church-5
pavilion & car park