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Mrs Lorna J Talbot
Parish Clerk
01732 763488

Help with Reducing Water - In this current heatwave

Make every drop count – hot tips to be water wise in the heatwave

With temperatures set to soar for the next few weeks South East Water has some hot tips to keep cool, keep hydrated and keep plants blooming – all while keeping a watchful eye on water use.

During a hot spell the average amount of water each person uses each day can increase by more than 50 per cent.
That can not only mean a slightly higher bill for customers, it puts pressure on our water network and the reserves of the natural resource we all rely on as more water is put into the system to meet demand.

Dr Simon Earl, Operations Director at South East Water, said: “While our reservoirs and underground water sources are in a good position as we start the summer season, we all need to be mindful of how much water we are using day-to-day, whatever the weather.

“There’s very simple things we can do during a hot period to limit the amount of extra water we use and make sure none is wasted.

“Of course, it’s essential to keep hydrated, so fill a covered jug and pop it in the fridge ready to make cool drinks. This means you don’t have to run the tap until it’s cold enough for a single serving.

“Children love a paddling pool in the garden, but keep it covered when not in use to reduce evaporation and keep it free from bugs and leaves, so it needs changing and topping up less often. When you’re done, encourage the kids to help with garden watering by filling the watering can with the leftover water – don’t throw it over the lawn, it won’t need the drenching and other plants will prefer benefit.

“Gardeners are already very good at keeping their veg patches and flower beds moist by using rainwater stored in water butts, but in hot weather it is tempting to use a hosepipe or sprinkler.

“A sprinkler can use up to 1,000 litres of drinking water in just one hour – that’s more than a family of four would use in a whole day. While most people can keep their garden blooming with a watering can, if you do need to use a sprinkler, put it on the lowest volume setting, if it has one, and only use it for very short periods early morning and late evening, when you will again lose less to evaporation. And also, don’t worry about the lawn going brown – it will soon recover as soon as we get the next round of good rainfall – with Wimbledon due to start soon that might not be far off.

“We don’t know how long the hot weather will last, so we all want to enjoy it while we can. We all just need to be aware of how and when we use our water – our greatest natural resource.”

Seal Ward - Councillor Vacancy
If you have an interest in enhancing the area and surroundings where you live then becoming a Parish Council could be just the role for you! Seal Ward cover Seal and Godden Green In the first instance please phone the Clerk 01732 763488 to find out more.

Dates for  your diary

Parishioners are welcome to attend both the Parish Council and Planning meetings. Look under meetings for agendas and minutes.

The next Parish Council meeting will be held on Thursday 13th September 2018 at 7.30pm in Stone Street Village Hall

Planning meetings
As applications come in for Planning meetings they will be added to the Planning agenda which can be found under Council meetings . The next planning meeting is scheduled for Monday 23rd July 2018 at 8pm in Seal Pavilion. However it may be necessary to deal with applications after the full council
above if tight deadlines apply.

Fly Tipping is on the increase in this area
To report fly tipping ring Sevenoaks District Council 01732 227000
If you see fly tipping in progress ring the police on 101don't forget to take the vehicles registration.

Reporting a Highway fault

There are so many blocked drains and other issues that need reporting at the moment.
Below is the link that will take you straight to the KCC highways fault reporting page.
If you log a fault you will be given a fault number so that you can track what is being done about it.
If you opt to report it by putting the location on the map (the easiest way with rural lanes) you will see if someone has reported it before you.
Or telephone the call centre
03000 41 81 81

Remember to protect you and your family online see links below:-

Reporting a problem on a Public Right of Way (broken stile or dog gate/overgrown/blocked path)

Contact the report line on 03000 41 7171 8am-8pm Mon-Friday.

If you are near a flower tub in Seal village please water it, even when we have had rain!
Next year we are hoping to increase our flowers tubs and encouraging businesses and householders to make a contribution to tubs outside their properties. We will be giving more details early next year but if you wish to register an interest please let us know.

Halls for hire in the Parish

The Pavilion, Seal Recreation Ground,
High Street, Seal TN15 0AF
01732 763488
Ideal for childrens parties or small meetings.

Seal Village Hall 01959 522545

Seal Church Hall 01732 762840

St Lawrence Village Hall, Stone Street
 01732 760552
email:- Andy Smaggasgale

Underriver Village Hall

See contact page for photos

Seal Recreation Ground Parking Restrictions

“After a great deal of consideration, the Parish Council has felt that we need to take further measures to control parking in the Pavilion/Recreation Ground car park. As many people will be aware, due to the large number of residents and others parking their vehicles for long periods in the car park, over recent months it has become increasingly difficult for users of the recreation ground (including those that have paid to use the facilities, including parents of children attending Top Banana pre-school and the football clubs) to find spaces. In the past the Parish Council has attempted to improve the situation through informal measures, but as these have not been successful, it has now been decided that formal enforcement is necessary and we will be enforcing a parking restriction as from May 2018 between the hours of 8.00 am - 8.20 am Monday to Sunday and any vehicle found breaching these restrictions will be liable for a fine of up to £100.
The Parish Council recognises the general parking problem in Seal and these new restrictions are not intended to prevent residents parking their vehicles overnight or for short periods during the day.